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Laser cutting is an incredibly versatile process that can be used in most sectors. M4 Lasers Ltd can serve a diverse and sophisticated market to include many different organisations and industries.


Based in the heart of Wiltshire we are ideally placed to provide a service to a wide range of Agricultural companies. From one off components for Tractor repairs to the manufacture of repeat components for equipment, storage silos and boundary fencing, anywhere you see a metal component it can be produced by us.  Most of the metalwork in the Agricultural industry is mild steel or galvanised steel. Usually it is required that we deburr the parts and have them powder coated for further durability. With our own on-site powder coating plant, we can see this full process through in-house. 

Whether you require a one off repair component or you manufacture machinery in the industry, M4 Lasers can accommodate your request.

Architecture & Construction

Laser cutting plays an important part in architecture and construction, from assisting in the completion of large builds to include balustrading and staircase components, bespoke kitchen and bathroom designs through to threshold plates, doorways and window trims. 

We can also assist in the more decorative finishing touches of a project, to include sculptures, artwork or signage.

Automotive & Transport 

Laser cutting can provide this sector with precision products at cost effective prices and short lead times. We can manufacture a wide range of components for the automotive manufacturing industry. Whether its bespoke performance items, metal components which are no longer in manufacture by the OEM or whether it is components for the OEM on a new range of products. 

Whether you are a performance car specialist or a large scale manufacturer in the industry, M4 Lasers can produce high integrity, close tolerance laser cut components to meet your requirements.

Electronics & Security 

Due to the precise nature of the parts and materials required for electronics, Laser cutting is a vital service within this sector.  Components for the electronics industry are mostly mass-market products that are produced fully automatically in large numbers.  Many components are small and need to be labelled with a lot of information, which is the reason the electronics industry has made laser marking a standard procedure which we can effectively provide.  We work closely with customers within this industry who use our services for rapid prototype building prior to placing large volume orders.

Food Manufacture and Catering

The food manufacturing and catering industry in the UK is thriving and we have the capacity and capability to supply laser cut parts to the providers of equipment and systems for the food manufacturing and catering industry.

We understand that companies in this industry work on very short lead times and we can produce cut, folded and fabricated goods within short timescales.

We stock a range of stainless steels ideal for this industry including 304 and 316 grades. We can also manufacture components in lower grades where costs need to be kept to a minimum and there is no direct food contact. Whether you are a bespoke kitchen design company or a large scale manufacturer of food and catering equipment we can meet your needs.

Furniture & Lighting 

Whether your preference is traditional or contemporary, M4 Lasers can assist in the design and production of many different pieces of furniture and lighting.  Whether it’s a bespoke item or mass produced, M4 Lasers can help from design to fabrication and delivery. 

Shop Fitting & Displays

M4 Lasers can work closely with the retail sector to provide a bespoke service to be tailored to your requirements.  We can laser cut shelving, display cabinets or point of sale displays to your individual specifications. 

Our laser cut parts can also be used in the construction of the shop building, from staircases to vaulted ceilings.